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Appliance Repair Victoria

At ElectraFix Victoria, we understand that your appliances are the heart and soul of your home or business. We know the frustration and the impact a malfunctioning appliance can have on your life. Because of this, our team of certified experts in Victoria is prepared to assist you quickly. We are committed to bringing you the most efficient quality appliance repair services. At ElectraFix Appliance Repair Victoria, the satisfaction of our clients is a vital part of our business. If you need any appliance repair, installation and maintenance at your home or business, don’t hesitate to call us anytime. Our skilled technicians provide 24 hours emergency services for your convenience.

Refrigerator Repair Victoria

A broken fridge can really disrupt the harmony of your home or business, also causing a significant economic loss. Our Victoria team of experts can handle any type of refrigeration issue in a fast and professional manner. Whether you need help with your freestanding or built-in refrigerator, walk-in freezers, wine cellars or coolers, walk-in fridges, or any other cooling equipment, our knowledgeable technicians can handle it. Don’t wait to contact us if you are experiencing:

  • Food is spoiling quickly.
  • The refrigerator is not cooling.
  • The fridge is warm, but the freezer is cold.

The Appliance Repair Victoria is ready to assist you with any refrigeration issue you may experience at any time.

Washing Machine Repair Victoria

Nowadays, it is unimaginable how anyone could wash their clothes without a washing machine. Going down to the river or boiling large piles of clothes is not an appealing task for sure. It is more like backbreaking labour. At ElectraFix Victoria, we understand the panic sensation you may experience if noticing your washer is failing. Washing clothes by hand is an awful alternative. Our experienced licensed technicians are proficiently trained in servicing any type of washer, be it top or front loader, compact washers, portable washers, and washer-dryer sets. Call us as soon as any sign of trouble with your washer presents. Our professional team will get it back to work in no time.

Dryer Repair Victoria

At Electrafix Victoria, we know that dryers are essential appliances in Canadian homes, especially during the cold season. The cold temperatures and lack of sun during the long winter months make dryers a critical part of your household running smoothly. Besides the inconvenience of not having dry clothes, the lack of regular dryer maintenance can end up putting you and your family at risk of fire hazards. Therefore our licensed team of expert technicians can provide you with the best dryer repair service in Victoria with issues such as:

  • Loud noise coming from the dryer
  • The dryer is not spinning
  • The dryer is not heating
  • Wet clothes after a drying cycle
  • It won’t turn on

Oven and Stove Repair Victoria

Your kitchen appliances play a central role in your everyday home life. Cooking family meals and sharing them together makes a house a home. At ElectraFix Victoria, we can quickly repair any type or brand of range stoves, cooktops, microwave ovens and wall ovens, gas or electric so that you can go back to your fantastic home meals. Call our team of expert technicians immediately if you are experiencing any of the following:

  • Your oven door will not close properly
  • Heating elements stop working
  • Food is not baked evenly
  • Your oven or stove will not turn on

Dishwasher Repair Victoria

Sure you don’t want to spend Friday evening washing dishes after a nice dinner with family and friends. As soon as you notice any sign of malfunction on your dishwasher, call our ElectraFix Appliance Repair Victoria team. We will get it up and running without delay, and you can go back to your weekend plans. Our technicians offer professional service to any type and brand of dishwasher. Do not hesitate to call our certified technicians if your dishwasher is having any of the following troubles:

  • Dishes are not clean after a regular cycle
  • Water is stagnant in the bottom of the dishwasher
  • Dishwasher is leaking
  • The door is not locking

Garbage Disposal Repair Victoria

You may not think much about your garbage disposal until it breaks down. The convenience of separating leftover food helps not clog your pipes and free your kitchen from unpleasant odors. Garbage disposals are usually smooth-running appliances. However, they can get into trouble from time to time. If you hear a humming noise or a loud noise coming out of your garbage disposal, call our certified technicians right away. Our Victoria professional Appliance Repair ElectraFix team will fix any problem rapidly.

Dryer Vent Repair & maintenance Victoria

Issues on your dryer vent can have dangerous consequences like dryer fires, mold accumulation, carbon monoxide build-up and energy loss. At ElectraFix Victoria, our trained technicians can diagnose any dryer vent problem and repair it right away. Some dryer vent problems can include poor joint connections, leaks, and inadequate parts. Our certified technical team can retape the joints and fix any breaks in the line. We will make sure that your dryer vent is secure to keep working.

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We service and repair most common brands: LG, Samsung, Bosch, Amana, Electrolux, Fisher & Paykel, Frigidaire, GE, KitchenAid,

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City of Victoria

Victoria, the capital city of British Columbia, is situated on the picturesque southern tip of Vancouver Island. Established in 1843, it's one of the oldest cities in the Pacific Northwest and was named in honor of Queen Victoria. The city is celebrated for its historic architecture, including the stately Parliament Buildings and the renowned Empress Hotel. Known as "the Garden City," Victoria's mild climate allows its gardens and parks to flourish, making it a favored destination for tourists. Additionally, the city has adapted to modern economic demands, developing a significant technology sector that now leads its private industry. This blend of historical charm and contemporary growth makes Victoria a unique and appealing place to both visit and live.