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7 Warning Signs That You Need An Appliance Repair

You may take your household appliances for granted. When they do their job, you may not even think of their importance for your daily home routine. All those perfectly cooked meals on your stove or oven—the time saved by using your dishwasher instead of washing dishes by hand. Refrigerators, washing and drying machines, garbage disposal and more make your life easier. However, as with everything else, appliances can fail to perform their tasks and cause distress in your home. Therefore, our expert team of technicians at ElectraFix recommends paying attention to some warning signs to know when your appliances need professional repair.

Warning Signs that Your Appliance Needs Repair

The earlier you notice that your appliance is failing, the better. Delaying calling a professional technician to take a look at your appliance problem can cost you not only valuable time but also money. The longer you wait, the more serious the damage your appliances may experience. At ElectraFix, our certified technicians are ready to handle any appliance repair needs you may have. We are just a phone call away!

Warning Sign 1.- The Appliance has a Burning Smell.

A burning smell coming from an appliance is a serious issue to be concerned with. The burnt smell can signal a potential overheating in the electrical wiring of the appliance. This severe issue can result in the appliance catching fire. In Canada, 20% of all fires are caused by an electrical malfunction. Therefore, if you notice a burning smell coming from your appliance, do not hesitate to contact an experienced technician as soon as possible.

Warning Sign 2.- The Appliance is Making a Strange Noise

Appliances like fridges, freezers, and air conditioners often run intermittently, producing noises when starting and stopping. They can have humming, whining, whistles, rattles, or other mechanical or electrical sounds; however, if they are making an excessive amount of noise that was not there before, it may be due to a repair issue. Sometimes it cannot be clear which appliance is making which noise. First, you need to figure out the noisy appliance. It is a little bit easier to track appliance noises in buildings than in homes.

Warning Sign 3.- The Appliance is Leaking Water

Any of your appliances that use water can potentially present leaking problems. Dishwashers, freezers, refrigerators, washers and dryers use water in one way or another. They are either connected to the water supply or used to keep cold.

Spotting an appliance leak is easy. You would certainly see the puddle of water next to it. Besides your floor getting damaged, you may have a serious issue like if your washer is leaking due to a broken or worn rubber tube, an overflow drum, seal, tube or drain hose.

Furthermore, a broken fridge or freezer is the kind of problem that can damage your floor from leaking. Also, think of all the wasted food because they are not working correctly. In these cases, it is crucial to act quickly and call a professional technician like the ones part of the Appliance Repair ElectraFix team.

A few reasons that your appliance end up leaking all over your home are:

Poor appliance maintenance. Lack of regular appliance service can result in a water leak causing many problems. The best way to prevent this is by having regular maintenance of your appliance performed by a skilled technician.

Faulty Appliance Installation. Connecting your appliance to the waterline may seem like an easy task, but it only takes a small component not correctly connected to end up with a puddle of water around your appliance. Therefore, professional installation is always advisable.

Ignoring Appliance Repairs. Indeed, life is busy, and you may not always be on top of things. Still catching a problem when it is small is advisable. You should aim to get minor issues repaired as soon as you notice to prevent them from getting bigger and causing more extensive and costly problems. Scheduling regular appliance maintenance from an expert technician can be a lifesaver.

Wrong or poor-quality components.Sure it is always great to save some money, but replacing appliances components with less expensive ones may create a more considerable expense in the long run.

Warning Sign 4.- The Appliance is not Performing Optimally.

One other warning sign that your appliance requires urgent care is if its performance is becoming inconsistent. If you notice your oven taking longer to reach proper cooking temperature or not cooking evenly, it may be caused by some internal error. Another sign that your appliance, such as the refrigerator, fail is unstable temperature. Maybe your dryer is taking double the time in drying your clothes. Don’t ignore all these signals! Instead of waiting to see if the problem resolves itself reach out to our ElectraFix Appliance Repair Team close to you to diagnose this issue before it's too late and costly.

Warning Sign 5.- Your Electricity Bill is Higher than Usual

Maybe you had noticed one or more of your appliances underperforming, but they still sort of work and based on this, you decided to get it fixed later in order to save some money. The reality is that you may be expending much more by postponing the repair. Setting up your appliance repair service for a later time can not only end up costing you more in service and parts but also you will end up with a higher electrical bill. An appliance struggling to perform its tasks consumes more electricity or gas, resulting in a more expensive utility bill. It can also place your household in danger by causing an electrical overload or a gas leak. Call us, and we will resolve your issue promptly!

Warning Sign 6.- Power Problems in Your Home

Power issues such as flickering lights and power surges while using certain appliances in your home clearly indicate that your home appliance needs urgent repair service. On some occasions, this is very dangerous as plug-in appliances can spark, causing a fire at your home. Contact one of our technicians at ElectraFix to asset your appliance repair needs before your home is at a higher risk.

Warning Sign 7.- The Appliance is Not Working

The most definite warning sign that your appliance has a problem is when it is not working. You are either unable to turn it on, it is no display being shown, or your appliance is not responsive. This is the time to call one of our certified technicians at ElectraFix. But, before you do that, check if the appliance is pug or connected correctly, either to the electrical, water or gas source. Test whether all electrical brakes are functioning or clogged vents or filters. Some newer appliances like washers and dryers have a self-diagnose system that can help figure out the problem.

You may think you are very handy when it comes to doing stuff around your house, and probably you have a solid skill of carpentry, gardening or fixing simple issues. However, more considerations need to be taken when it comes to appliances. They are composed of intricate systems and sensitive components that require the attention of a professional technician. Don’t wait, call us now!