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Dryer making loud noise? Causes and how to fix it

Dryer making loud noise? Causes and how to fix it

Dryers can significantly ease your laundry routine, especially if you live in a cold weather country. When it is impossible to hang your clothes under the warm sun, dryers become a lifesaver. However, over time parts of your dryer can wear out, causing various issues. One sign of a problem in your dryer is noise.

Depending on the type of noise your dryer is making, you or a technician can be able to figure out the problem. Evaluating the seriousness of this issue is key to finding the right solution. Whether you can fix the issue yourself, call in an expert, or start shopping for a new dryer.

In order to figure out what your dryer issue is, you need to identify the type of noise it makes. The following are some of the more common noises your dryer might make:

Dryer Is Making a Grinding Noise

When you hear your dryer making a grinding noise, there are two possible causes:

In both cases, to be able to diagnose the problem accurately, the drive belt needs to be removed. In this case, you need to contact a knowledgeable dryer technician immediately.

Dryer Is Making a Screeching Noise

Loud screeching is an unsettling noise, especially coming out of your dryer. This noise is caused by a worn-out idler pulley. This tensioner or pulley keeps the drum belt taught and is subject to friction and tension. However, due wear and tear can develop a defect, causing a squeaking sound in the beginning and later a banging noise.

Also, do not use the dryer until you get it repaired. Using a dryer with a broken pulley can emit a burning smell and cause your dryer to fail entirely.

Another cause of the squeaking sound in your dryer can be defective drum rollers. As the drum rotates, the rollers hold it in place. To check if the rollers are not working, you can:

Dryer Is Making a Thumping Noise

Check your laundry if you hear a thumping noise coming out of your dryer while it is in use. The noise can come from heavy objects or a ball of towels. However, if you don't see anything in your laundry causing the noise, it may be the internal components of the machine, such as:

Dryer Is Making a Rumbling Noise

If your dryer is making a rumbling noise, it can be because of a loose, blocked, or unbalanced blower wheel. This plastic part guides air on its journey through your dryer: from the heating chamber through the drum and then to its exit through the exhaust vent. The plastic can eventually wear out, causing damage to the piece. Attached to the motor end, it can either be threaded on or clamped onto the shaft.

You are able to diagnose a problem with the blower wheel by turning off the dryer and paying attention to see if the noise continues. The blower wheel can be found at the front or rear panel inside the blower wheel housing. Check if any debris is obstructing the wheel movement. Also, look for signs of wear at the wheel's hub and the junction to the shaft to evaluate if it needs to be replaced.

Dryer Is Making Multiple

Your dryer drive motor can cause multiple noises:

To examine the source of the noise, first, unplug your dryer. Then remove the dryer cabinet; if necessary, you may need to remove the blower wheel or drum belt to get to the motor. When you gain access to the motor, check the noise source by turning it. You can also check the dryer motor by using a multimeter.

Other possible causes of noise coming from your dryer that doesn't involve the internal components can be easily fixed by: