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Set your property managment appliance repairs on auto-pilot

Property managers have a lot to worry about. In each rental property, you must think about maintaining every part of the unit, from the windows to the floor, plumbing and electrical systems, and numerous other areas. Whether you are a landlord, strata manager or property management company a lot of your time is spent dealing with appliances.


Appliances are one of the top ammenites that modern renters are looking for. From buying a refrigerator to repairing a dishwasher, appliances are one of the most important parts of a rental unit. Next to late rent payments, the hottest topic between landlords and tenants is appliance repairs.

Make sure repairs are completed on time

Property managers have an obligation to make sure the repairs are completed on time. If your lease agreement states that the landlord is responsible for repairs the law requires that the repair must be completed by a reasonable deadline, usually anywhere from 14 to 30 days. Having an arrangement in place with an appliance repair company ahead of time will save a lot of headaches.

Having an arrangement with an appliance repair company provides several advantages to property managers. The primary advantages are:

A partnership between a property management company and an appliance repair company is a win-win for both companies. Like any good relationship, both sides stand to benefit and will look out for each other. The repair company will provide flat rate service and preferred service for their valued client. In return, the property management company provides additional work for the repair company.

ElectraFix Appliance Repair provides repair services for several property management firms in the Lower Mainland. Our clients range from owners that rent condos and don't live in Canada, to companies that manage over 300 units. We always aim to provide same day service for all customers but we go that extra mile for our landlords.

Preferred service is awesome!

Recently one of our clients had 3 emergencies in 3 different cities on the same day! The same property managment company had appliance failures in Vancouver, Langley, and Abbotsford. One had a leaking washing machine, another had a Sub-Zero fridge that stopped working and the other one also had a refrigerator repair.

The one with the Sub-Zero fridge was located in Langley, BC. The client had lots of expensive food in the fridge and it wouldn't have lasted long without being kept cool. Our technician was able to arrive on the same day and managed to save the tenant's food. The client was very happy and received no bill. Since we have an arrangement in place with the property manager, we are able to bill directly to the landlord. The tenant was very happy and the management company received good feedback.

The dishwasher repair was located in Abbotsford. A leaking dishwasher is always an emergency. We were able to make the repair quickly in the same day. The second fridge emergency was located in a rental unit in Vancouver. This was an expensive property and the fridge was leaking under the floor. We received the call at the end of the day around 7PM. We dispatched our technician immediately and fixed the refrigerator which prevented damage to this expensive property.

All three of these jobs were for one of our property management clients. We were able to get to all three of these properties in a single day because they are a client of ours. We were able to manage our team to make this happen. We often have techs located in different areas. We didn't make much money on the three repairs but we kept our word and we put property management as a priority.

We are part of your community

We are a local business in Coquitlam, BC not a large corporate firm. We don't buy and sell leads or jobs. Being a small, local business gives us the flexibility to meet our client's needs. We take our customer service seriously and will give a customer's money back if they aren't satisfied with our service.

Some local companies are outsourcing repair jobs to multiple repair firms. ElectraFix doesn't operate that way. We have a dedicated team of professionals. When we send a tech, we know who we are sending and know that he'll perform to our standards.

ElectraFix is capable of handling 30 repair jobs per day. We are locally owned and operated with all local technicians. We have relationships with other local trades such as plumbers and gas-fitters and can provide referrals to them as well.

One of the biggest advantages that we provide for property management companies is a flat rate on labor. Our domestic repairs are treated on a case by case basis but our commercial clients are served at a pre-determined flat rate.

When we encounter situations where an appliance is not repairable or is not worth the cost to repair we inform the landlord immediately. Our tech will write a report and you will only be charged for the service call.

Flat rate is a no-brainer

For most of our clients, we have a pre-approval for jobs that cost $300 or less. So that we can complete the repair without having to call up the landlord. This means we can repair the appliance fast and disturb the tenant as little as possible. On repairs that cost more than $500, we will contact the management company and let them make the decision.

As always we provide fast response times and good communication with property managers, trained technicians, and warranty on all parts.

We have a special package available for property management companies, strata and landlords.

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Don't wait until that refrigerator or that stove is broken, because then you will most likely be thumbing through the online directory just looking for a place that you hope will do a good job. ElectraFix Appliance Repair takes our client relationships seriously. We have a local team and take pride in providing quality service.
As a property manager, you have enough to worry about leave your appliance repairs to us. ElectraFix will help to protect you, your tenant and your wallet.

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