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Come chat with us!

At Electrafix we take our customers' needs very seriously. We feel that our customer-first attitude sets us apart from other appliance repair companies. We recently added a live chat feature to our website to make it even easier to interact with our technicians and solve problems as quickly as possible.


Our live chat system provides a convenient way for busy customers to interact with us. While chatting you are free to multi-task. A chat session can take place while you are at work and doesn't interrupt your workday the same way that a phone call can. We value your time. Chat with us when it's convenient for you. Please don't chat and drive though, that would be dangerous.


The new chat feature is easy to use. On all of our pages, a small speech bubble icon will appear at the bottom of the screen. Just click the icon and enter your name, email address, and your question. The chat feature works wherever you are and on and will work on every device from a laptop, Ipad or smartphone. Go ahead and try it out right now.

Instant response within 5 minutes

During our normal office hours (9AM to 5PM) we have technicians available to chat with customers in real-time. When you start a chat session you will be interacting with a real person who is knowledgable in all aspects of appliance repair. We will respond within 5 minutes of your initial message.

The live chat allows us to respond quickly in a way that email doesn't. Emails need to be replied to several times to figure out the details of your specific appliance repair. Through chat, we can gather the information that we need and get your answers quickly. By acting quickly we can get your appliance repaired as fast as possible.

Of course, you can phone us directly and send us a message through our contact form . Our new live chat system provides another convenient option to contact our team.

Real People

Automated bots are becoming a common thing on websites. We do love to embrace technology but we don't feel that artificial intelligence can meet your needs as well as human. At ElectraFix we pride ourselves on our personal interaction with our customers. Outside of office hours, our chat system will send an email instead of live chat, the system does notify you that it is no longer live.

Save Money

Feel free to ask us any questions that you might have. Live chat provides an easy way to ask, don't be embarrassed. By asking questions to our technicians via live chat you can save money by preventing a service call. Sometimes our techs will be able to help you solve your appliance problem without the need for a service call.


A local man named David contacted us by live chat last week. David manages a local company and is very busy. His wife called him from home to tell him that his refrigerator was leaking. David found us on the Better Business Bureau website. The live chat was a convenient option for him since David was at work and couldn't afford to take time out for a phone call.

By chatting with our technician we learned that he has a Sub-Zero built-in fridge and that the leak did require a service call. Thanks to the description that we received during the live chat interview we were able to arrive within two hours with the right parts to fix his fridge. By the time David was home from work, his refrigerator was repaired.

Our new live chat feature is just one of the ways the ElectraFix puts our customers first. We continue to provide the best customer experience possible. Have a question? You know where to find us. A technician is waiting for you to send a message.

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