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Common Dryer issues and fixes

There is no doubt that dryers are lifesaver appliances in your household. The time you save just by throwing your wash into the dryer instead of hanging your clothes in a cord line is priceless. Therefore, when your dryer shows signs of having trouble doing its job, you should address them promptly. You don't want to end up with a bigger problem that can disrupt your daily home tasks.

Our professional technical team at Electra Fix has put together a list of the most common dryer issues for you to assess on time.

Common Dryer Issues and Fixes

Dryer is not turning on

If your dryer is not turning on, it can be due to various reasons. Looking into them will help you to find the cause and choose the best approach. Your dryer may not be turning on because of the following:

Power Supply

First is to check your power supply. If you have a multimeter, look at the voltage at the power source. Check your home's electrical board if you find no power going to the dryer. There can be some breakers causing the lack of energy. If there is no problem, the socket may need to be replaced. Check with a multimeter; if the problem is not in the outlet, it can be the dryer power cord. They can get worn out due to age.

Door Switch

Occasionally, debris or waste can accumulate at the entryway gasket or switch, causing the door to close incorrectly. This situation results in the switch drawing. A simple solution is to clean the area regularly to avoid this issue from occurring again. The door switch may be defective if this doesn't resolve the problem. Then it is better to contact an expert technician to look at the mechanism and resolve the issue according to your dryer brand and model.


Your dryer has more than one thermostat, and they control your dryer's inside temperature depending on the chosen cycle. In most dryers, you can find the thermostat in the wind current way as it leaves the drum. A thermostat can be defective due to operator error or poor maintenance. Testing the thermostat can be a challenging task. Thus, better call an expert technician to investigate the problem and suggest the best solution.

The Dryer Makes Unusual Noises

Dryers have many moving parts, and as they wear, they regularly make noise as they show signs of wear. Squealing, grinding, screeching, murmuring, and pounding noises originating from your dryer are signs of a problem that needs addressing before the noises lead to severe damage. Some common issues causing unusual noise can be:


Also known as drum supports, glides are made out of plastic and sit in the front finish of the drum. After some time, they wear out and start failing. It is recommended that you get an expert to replace them.

Blower Wheel

A loud rumbling noise coming out of your dryer can indicate a problem with the blower wheel. A blower wheel circulates air in the drum and blows it out through the exhaust vent. When this component is loose, off-balance or blocked by debris or lint, it can result in a thumping noise. In most occasions, the issue can be fixed by replacing the part. In others, it just needs some clearing out the blower. However, you should consult a specialist to know the most suitable solution for your dryer problem.

Drum Support Roller

The drum support rollers aid the drum in fulfilling its function. Wear and tear causes drum rollers to lose their solid connection to the drum, resulting in thumping noises. In this case, you must contact an expert technician that can replace the part.

Dryer Is Not Heating

A few issues can cause your dryer not to reach the hot temperature for drying your clothes. First, look at your dryer temperature settings. If these seem fine, the problem can be caused by the following:


When your dryer gets too hot, a thermal fuse turns off to prevent a fire. A tripped thermal fuse in some dryers shuts off electricity to the heating element. You can find the fuse in a white plastic cover located in the exhaust channel in the back cabinet of your dryer. As the breaker can not be reset, the only option is to change it. Contact a technician for that.

Heating Coils

Your dryer heating coils can be found at the back of the cabinet and are made of a combination of nickel-chrome materials. If this element is faulty will prevent your dryer from heating and need to be changed.

Igniter (For Gas Dryers)

If you have a gas dryer and it is not heating can be due to a faulty igniter. A device called a flame or radiant sensor device monitors this igniter and causes the gas to flow when the igniter is hot enough. It will allow the gas to continue flowing as long as it burns correctly. If your igniter fails to operate is better to call a technician to resolve the issue. Do not attempt to do it yourself.

Clothes Take Longer Than Usual To Dry

There can be a few reasons your dryer is not reaching adequate heating temperatures to dry clothes in the usual amount of time. However, you can try some easy, quick fixing to see if the issue gets resolved, such as:

Other common problems

Additionally to the issues mentioned above, you can also encounter some other recurring dryer problems like:

No matter your dryer issues, you should always call a professional to get your dryer back up and running. Often, these problems are not difficult to resolve. It does, however, take a trained eye and an experienced technician to diagnose and fix the problem.